Altered Natives

Represented in North & South America

Altered Natives is a supernatural force to be reckoned with. Often mistaken for multiple artists, don’t be fooled, this is just one man. Half heart and half machine he consistently pushes to take his sound to the next level whilst still remaining evasive, yet omnipresent in various music industry circles.
The term hard working is often brandished around in press releases but shiny bullshit press quotes are just not gonna cut it here. For an artist to consistently deliver high calibre bangers that take you on a journey into outer space, his bastardized percussive strains of house, techno and twisted drums, surprise and appear uncompromised with infinite precision.


2008 – A Thousand Days of Patience [EYE4EYE]
2008 – Goya Owes Me Money [EYE4EYE]
2009 – The Rass Out EP [Fresh Minute Music]
2010 – No Mortgage EP [Bosconi]
2010- The Bitch / Crop Duster [3024]
2010 – Believe in Me [Fresh Minute Music]
2010 – Tenement Yard Vol. 1 [EYE4EYE]
2010 – Serial Vendetta [EYE4EYE]
2011 – Tenement Yard Vol. 2 [EYE4EYE]
2012 – Tenement Yard Vol.3 [EYE4EYE]
2012 – The Fates EP [Bosconi]
2013 – The beastly gHAstly EP [Hoya:Hoya]
2014 – Sin Elevated Art LP [EYE4EYE]
2015 – In The Place Where Love Once Lived LP [EYE4EYE]



“A fitting end to an incredibly solid trilogy. Altered Natives is one of the most slept-on house/techno producers out there, and it’s nice to see him wrap the Tenement Yard series with more burly rhythms and his tongue-in-cheek outlook holding steady.” – Shawn Reynaldo – XLR8R, Icee Hot – USA

“‘Tenement Yard Volume 3′ is the dark heart of Altered Natives’ subterranean mutant house trilogy. Futuristic, intricate and possessed of murky cavernous depths, its blend of techno, house and pure London bass pressure is the perfect antidote to the boring cocktail jazz house polluting the scene.” – Ben Murphy – DJ Mag