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Eaves is a young, American artist with a long-time interest in architecture, the latter being an influence on the former. From his early days of fragmenting samples to make off-kilter “beats,” an approach local to his Los Angeles upbringing, to a mode of up-tempo sonic onslaught, a style he adopted once moving to his current place of residence, Brooklyn, New York City – the relationship of sound and physical structure has been the one constant throughout the 20-year old’s impressive range of work. His work is intense and loud, riding the fringe space between club music and electronic experiments. His live performances move between genres and creates a sound that forces itself on the audience, unrelenting and acute. With his latest project, GORILLA, there is a different type of architectural relationship from which he gains influence: our dependence on the Internet to maintain a stimulating coexistence.


2016 – Verloren LP [PTP]
2015 – Hue EP [Hush Hush]
2015 – Gorilla [Purple Tape Pedigree]



Total Freedom, Pictureplane, Doss, Lechuga Zafiro, Joey LaBeija, SCRAAATCH, Celestial Trax, Kid Smpl, Slava, Haleek Maul, Photay, Ricky Eat Acid, Groundislava



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