Patrick Brian

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Part of a growing cadre of Los Angeles-based artists blurring the lines between a global range of club forms, Patrick Brian has established himself as one of the most exciting producers anywhere over the past few years. Across releases for Plastician’s Terrorhythm and the now defunct The Melt platform, Brian has taken in grime, Bmore club, ballroom and R&B with spongelike enthusiasm, churning out thrilling originals and remixes with an idiosyncratic bend that is all his own. Brian’s work extends to his skills in the DJ booth, both on stations like Rinse FM, BBOX and Radar Radio and at a collection of Los Angeles’ most inventive club nights, sharing the stage with everyone from Swindle to Bonobo.

To add to his quickly growing repertoire, Patrick Brian has also collaborated with Promnite (formerly Colta) as VARSITY, an effort that utilized a forceful early 2000s grime palette to great effect. As he moves towards future releases, it’s clear that Brian not only understands the contemporary club music landscape, but is earnestly looking to push it into an ever more eclectic, angular direction. If his releases and remix work is anything to go by, Brian has isolated an aesthetic that is simultaneously fun and challenging, an impressive feat for a young artist working in an increasingly oversaturated market.



2014 – Patrick Brian x Colta -Varsity EP [Terrorhythm]
2014 – Strange Artifact EP [The Melt]
2014 – Sodalite [Terrorhythm]
2014 – Gold Card [Monstart]
2014 – Plastician – Industrial Graft (Patrick Brian Remix) [Terrorhythm]
2015 – Arkitect – Foucault’s Dream (Patrick Brian Remix) [The Astral Plane]
2015 – Mike G & SPF666 – Warworld (Patrick Brian VIP Mix) [Maincourse]
2015 – Queen Leaf – Gone (Patrick Brian Remix) [Blank Stairs]
2015 – Patrick Brian x Kieran Loftus – She Killed It But She Ugly [Monstart]



Plastician, Swindle, Kastle, Girl Unit & Helix



FACT Premiere Of Strange Artifact