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Spurz (aka Colin Moir) is a Canadian-born, London-based DJ and producer whose music deftly threads together echoes of various musical disciplines to create a voice that is uniquely his own. His productions and remixes have been supported by the likes of Mumdance, Kastle and Amy Becker, with his albums and EPs being applauded by DJ Mag, The Fader and Thump.

As a selector, Spurz eschews a focus on a singular genre or sound in favor of finding interesting ways to connect the dots and build energy by pulling from a combination of experience and expansive knowledge, evidenced in his sets on NTS, Radar, Rinse France and Tim & Barry’s Just Jam, as well as his monthly program, “Water Your Head”, on New York’s Transit FM.

Apart from his personal music endeavors is Drama Hands, a DIY label he co-pilots with long time friend Jesse Rhodes. Originally started in a basement a club night born out of bleak nightlife options in Edmonton, Canada, the label has blossomed into a platform for emerging artists with a roster focused on inclusion and diversity, echoed in the vast variety of music the label plays host to.


2017 – Loud Futures LP [Apothecary Compositions]
2015 – Juan Ton – Pyrexial (Spurz Remix) [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
2015 – DJW3C – Digital Void (Spurz ‘Glorous Downfall’ Remix) [Car Crash Set]
2014 – Urban Deity EP [Tessier-Ashpool Recordings]
2014 – Spirit Functions EP [Drama Hands]
2014 – Liar – Key Party (Spurz Key Bump Edit) [Infinite Machine]
2012 – Hifi Brown – My Own Nothing (Spurz Remix) [Covery]


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