Sugur Shane

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With a dash of hip-hop and a pinch of house music, Sugur Shane continues to cook savory sounds for the world to sonically devour. His unrivaled productions, memorable live performances, and vitalizing DJ sets, undoubtedly, crown him Philadelphia’s finest.

Heavily influenced by Gillette and the Notorious B.I.G., Shane’s perfected blend of house and hip-hop music was first noticed in 2005 by DJ Se7en and DJ Teke. With his support, Sugur’s revamp of Club’s 69’s “Drama” gained remarkable club play along the East Coast and South. The track received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and sparked Shane to release more original hip-hop and house projects.

In 2013, Sugur Shane, released his colossal debut mixtape, “My Night with Peter and Junior”, an immaculate merging of classic songs and the infamous ballroom “Ha”. With collaborations and support by scene heavy-hitters like Astronomar, Mike Q, Dubble Dutch, Tom Stephen, L-Vis 1990 (to name a few), Sugur Shane is that cup of tea! 2014 has been a period of total execution for Sugur Shane. This year, Sugur’s invigorating DJ blends have been perfected for WDIS, Mixpack FM, STYLSS, and London’s NTS. In June, a pulsating collaboration with Krueger, mercilessly entitled “The Krueger Project”, was unleashed onto SoundCloud. Positive reactions were immediate for the partnered track. “Move to the Light”, a musical highlight of “My Night with Junior and Peter”, will be re-released as part of an upcoming Nick Harvey Music compilation. The rawest tracks on Sugur’s debut, “Kill Da Bitch” and “Buddah VS Sugur”, have been remixed for a highly anticipated EP release on Main Course in August. Are you ready for a global frenzy?

Forging ahead comes natural to Sugur Shane. Later in the year, two mind-seizing music videos will accompany the “Kill Da Bitch” and “Buddah VS Sugur” revival. The music doesn’t stop either. A remix EP, “Boy Girl Fling” will jolt cyberspace and quickly infiltrate onto dance floors before the balls drops in December. In 2015, Sugur Shane will team up with multimedia artist and emcee DeShawn Timothy for the awaited “Season of the Bitch” project. With Sugur Shane’s distinctive delivery, notable live act, and refreshing DJ sets, he is Philadelphia’s realness, all day and every day.


2005 – Drama [self]
2006 – Runway [self]
2007 – Boyfriend [self]
2010 – Soulja C*nt [self]
2010 – I’m On it [EON5 Records]
2011 – Get On The Floor [self]
2011 – Boy Girl Fling [self]
2011 – Baddest [self]
2011 – Forbidden Fruit [Sub Scooping Music]
2012 – Phillyz Voice [self]
2012 – Show Me What You Got [self]
2012 – Stalker [Soundgroove Records]
2013 – Move to the Light [Nick Harvey Music]
2013 – My Night with Peter & Junior Mixtape [self]
2013 – Club Kid Cunt [Top 8 Friends Compilation]
2014 – The Krueger Project [self]
2014 – Kill Da Bitch EP [Main Course]


Big Freedia, Hysterics, MikeQ, L-Vis 1990, Vjuan Allure, DJ Funeral, Leo Justi, Astronomar, BOT, Neoteric & more


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