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Intersessions is an inclusive sound initiative founded by Rhi Blossom, Ainsley Willow aka Shy Daughter, and OTS artist Chippy Nonstop. With monthly workshops in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver and pop-up events all over the world, (Berlin, Seattle, Glasgow, London, Paris, Mexico City, Newfoundland, Calgary and many more) Intersessions brings together a wide network of talented folks to teach DJing, production, and vocal recording skills, and also hosts parties with lineups committed to both diversity and excellence. Though Intersessions workshops are open to all who want to learn how to DJ, record vocals, and produce, the initiative centers intersectional feminism and aims to create what Chippy calls a “safe space” for women and LGBTQ+ identifying people.

In addition to covering technical aspects of DJing and production such as equipment setup, beatmatching, and adjusting levels, Intersessions workshops address the equally important non-technical aspects of DJing, from finding music and appropriate track selection to navigating the male-dominated industry and music scene as femme/non-binary/queer/women. The community oriented workshops include group discussions and hands-on time with CDJ setups. With an ever-growing network of supporters and teachers worldwide, an Intersessions workshop can be made possible anywhere people want to learn to DJ.

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