Represented in North + South America

Uninamise is a Brooklyn-based DJ / producer who makes a dancehall-inspired club genre called Flex Dance Music. What began as a type of music accompanying flex; a dance style originating from Brooklyn characterized by elements including bone breaking, gliding, and pausing; has in recent years progressed into a distinct genre. One of Uninamise’s signatures is his additional chops of samples within tracks, helping push the sound of FDM further. With dark, murky tones building atmosphere reminiscent of ‘90s jungle, Uninamise has quickly become a pioneer of the FDM genre. From self-released projects to releases with the likes of Mixpak, LuckyMe, and Night Slugs, the influence of Uninamise’s music has continued to grow to reach a global audience.


2017 – FDMBOY [self release]
2016 – TRAPBUSH [self release]
2015 – Fate Of The Wolves [self release]
2014 – Kaviar Addictions [self release]


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