Represented in North & South Americas
Photo by Mayra Marruenda & Julia Rocha

Viiaan; Producer, Dj, record collector, and co-founder of record label Voragine. (A platform under which she promotes the work of artists who work both in the field of experimental electronics, and within the club sound.)

Although she is unwilling to pin down a specific style to define her work, she is inclined to breaks, percussions, ambient and techno. Her music is a complex and evocative sonic experiment. Mix-tapes consist of seamlessly integrating Classic House, Experimental Techno, Drum & Bass, and Breaks.

Influences originate from jazz, house, ambient, industrial, arabic music and the 90´s.

2020 – Mont Royal [Voragine]
2020 – СТАЛКЕР [Extasis Records]
2020 – Shimonoseki [snu]
2017 – Discromiá [Subliminal Kid]

DJ Stingray, Aurora Halal, Varg, Volvox, Lena Willkens, Legowelt, Lady Osc, Leeon, Lao, Honeydrip