It’s a word of mouth thing.

Originally born from a spontaneous opportunity and an idea between two friends, On The Sly started as a monthly residency in Manhattan, showcasing the overlooked fringe of the club music underground. During a time where the spirit of experimentation, eclecticism and collaboration had fallen still, OTS sought to curate monthly billings that juxtaposed genres and talent as a means of pollinating the scene. The individuals and crews who attended & performed at OTS were its lifeblood, and have since built on to establish lauded identities throughout the New York City club music landscape.

As a radio show on RWD.FM, OTS supported its taste-making palette with a weekly rotation of dubs, WIPs and releases from the artists who built this IRL community on the dance floor & at the bar of the monthly jaunt.

As an LLC, On The Sly Productions will continue a dedication to purveying underground electronic music talent. Reaching beyond NYC and into the greater global market, OTS will now serve artists who seek to take their talents on the road, in an effort to translate URL attention into IRL respect.