Celestial Trax

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– also available featuring Rozay Labieja


Brooklyn, New York, based Celestial Trax has honed a beautiful and cryptic sound, where melodies wrap like blown glass around a skeleton of diamond-hard drums and sub-bass. His recent Vaxxilate EP [Rinse] nods towards the dance floor while simultaneously inviting a retreat into the self-contained space of headphones. His unique sound can recall a haunted spectral electronic beauty, charged with minimalist grime and the substantial sound system rattling bass.

Inspired by raw and gritty aesthetics in club music – whether grime and early jungle, or Chicago street sounds like juke and drill – Celestial Trax’s music is, he says, “all about capturing and harnessing an energy. Using a feeling or aesthetic to create an experience and evoking something within.” Celestial Trax feels like a self-contained universe in its own right, with each track evoking a conflicted range of emotions: isolation and harshness interlaced with moments of beauty and elation.

Moving to New York from London, UK, in 2014 – where he is signed to the seminal label and radio station Rinse FM, Celestial Trax has since established himself as one of the key figures in the emerging new club music scene. 2015 saw a number of diverse releases from Celestial Trax, collaborations with rappers and singers from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as him joining the New York label/taste makers Purple Tape Pedigree. 2016 will see Celestial Trax adding more live elements to his sets, further collaborations with vocalists and performers and continuing to push boundaries as a producer and as a DJ.


2013 – INNER GODS, FALSE ICONS [self release]
2013 – HIGHER FREEDOM [self release]
2013 – SOLVE + COGUALA [self release]
2014 – Paroxysm [RINSE040D]
2015 – Ride Or Die [Purple Tape Pedigree]
2015 – Stargate EP [RINSE]
2015 – Tonicity EP [self release]
2015 – Vaxxilate [RINSE]
2016 – From The Womb EP [Purple Tape Pedigree]
2016 – New Flesh EP w/ Rozay Labeija [self release]
2016 – Thru Our Eyes w/ Orlando Volcano, Dai Burger, Quay Dash, Jay Boogie + Rozay Labeija [EFN]
2016 – Roaches EP w/ Rozay Labeija [Materia]


Princess Nokia, Kode9, Louisahhh, Fatima Al Qadiri, Brodinski, Jlin, , MikeQ, Juliana Huxtable, Slackk, Rabit, Jubilee & more


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