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Celestial Trax (Joni Judén) is a producer, composer and DJ. Dividing his time between Helsinki, Finland and Brooklyn, New York, the multi-instrumentalist has crafted a unparalleled voice within the expermiental electronic music landscape. The artist’s sound – a mixture of meditative, mind-bending psychedelia, drone and ambient – is traceable across his myriad of productions, as well as his live and DJ sets.

After releasing two EPs with NYC’s Purple Tape Pedigree and a trilogy of EPs for Rinse, his debut full-length – Nothing Is Real [PTP2006], is an arresting evolution from his previous work. Released on PTP in the fall of 2017, the album moves into a daedal ream of psychedelia and electro-acoustic compositions.

In 2018 the artist’s direction has seen a further shift from the club realm to a unique blend of modern classical, ambient music and longform compositions. This is evident in his new venture entitled True Aether; a channel, label and platform dedicated to sound art and off-kilter sonic experiments.

An artist known for his many collaborative projects, the four-track compilation – Thru Our Eyes Vol. I features Jay Boogie, Quay Dash, Dai Burger and Rozay Labeija. The EP was released on NYC’s Escape From Nature; label founder and producer Orlando also collaborated on the project. 2016 saw the release of two EP collaborations between Celestial Trax and House of Labeija’s Rozay: New Flesh [PTP] and Roaches [Loveless Records // Materia]. Celestial Trax and the MC / vogue artist also performed live for Boiler Room in New York, MoMA PS1 Warm Up, and at SXSW the same year.

Celestial Trax has toured extensively in Europe and the U.S., including appearances at Berghain, MoMA PS1, Boiler Room and at SXSW. In 2016, he designed the soundscape for The Bug, a LACTIC Incorporated fashion performance, and wrote and performed a live electronic score to Jan Švankmajer’s ALICE (1988) for Loveless Records.

‘Nothing Is Real’ in NPR’s 2017 favourite electronic music albums.

“One of the best electronica LP’s of the recent era.” ‘Nothing Is Real’ in GROOVE-Magazin

“Judén’s versatility as a producer and songwriter is impressive—not only he does he have a sharp ear when it comes to mining samples, but he can write melodies that are full of feeling and agile rhythms with a soft touch.” Resident Advisor gives 4/5 for ‘Nothing Is Real’

“Not only are there fully beatless tracks and interludes, but even when rhythms are playing they feel like they glide and levitate. There are moments of dark seductions, painful interspection and vertiginous fear. But more than anything else, there is real beauty.” The Wire on ‘Nothing Is Real’

“‘I Can Do That Too’, from the New Flesh EP, features Roosevelt on the mic and a mean tresillo shuffle, all wrapped up in an overarching sense of threat. It’s a haunting take on ballroom MCing and a reminder of how fertile the New York underground has been lately.” FACT Magazine • The 25 best club tracks of 2016

“Celestial Trax is still one step ahead, unflinching in his quest to create the undefinable. But these days the palette has changed and his tracks have evolved, become even more WTF?! and, most importantly, have dived right off the deep end, a full-scale immersion in that imagined dystopia.” Mixmag

“Celestial Trax continues to move away from the constraints of traditional club form and function, segueing into compellingly murky sonic territory. The EP’s fragmented structures are steeped in subtle shades of light and dark that will cement Celestial Trax’s position at the vanguard of a new generation of producers reformulating the DNA of the current club music landscape.” Dummy


2018 – Ashwagandha​/​Saariaho [TRUE AETHER]
2017 – Nothing Is Real [PTP]
2016 – From The Womb EP [Purple Tape Pedigree]
2016 – New Flesh EP w/ Rozay Labeija [self release]
2016 – Thru Our Eyes w/ Orlando Volcano, Dai Burger, Quay Dash, Jay Boogie + Rozay Labeija [EFN]
2016 – Roaches EP w/ Rozay Labeija [Materia]
2015 – Ride Or Die [Purple Tape Pedigree]
2015 – Stargate EP [RINSE]
2015 – Tonicity EP [self release]
2015 – Vaxxilate [RINSE]
2014 – Paroxysm [RINSE040D]
2013 – INNER GODS, FALSE ICONS [self release]
2013 – HIGHER FREEDOM [self release]
2013 – SOLVE + COGUALA [self release]


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