Dis Fig

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Dis Fig by Damian Tauchert

American-born Chinese artist Dis Fig is a medium between street culture and the ever-mutating micro-scenes of the 2.0.

A Berlin via New York transplant since 2014, Dis Fig earnestly reflects her past and present. She is a member of NYC label and collective Purple Tape Pedigree, whose mold-melting output is woven with the same thread as her own. Her sound touches on a variety of club genres, bottling the dark components of jersey, grime, techno, baile, and ballroom with a generous topping of rap and R&B. She sandwiches sweet lullabies and anthemic lyrics with unsettling beats and unconventional musical backdrops, uniting noir and twisted emotions with frenetic percussion and beatless moments of grandeur.

Residing on the airwaves with Berlin Community Radio, Dis Fig co-hosts CALL DIBS – a monthly show focusing on experimental club (de)constructions, unveiling local and international talent.



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