Mor Air

Represented in North America, Europe, UK

“He’s creating beautiful, emotional ambient magic.” – Mixmag’s Jasmine Kent-Smith

Mor Air is a project from acclaimed producer and contemporary composer Colin Moir. The London-based, Canadian-born artist has never been beholden to one specific sound and Mor Air is no exception. His compositions are a balancing act of ambient and meditative textures juxtaposed against dub sensibilities and sound system pressure that some keen ears might recognise as overlapping from his other projects as Spurz.

In live performances Mor Air is ever evolving, shifting shape to match the space. One performance might see Moir on his own, with a simple setup of samplers and synths, while the next might see him collaborating with other performers from both aural and visual disciplines. Always eager to share new music, he regularly DJs on London’s Threads Radio, with his monthly shows often landing somewhere between an eclectic DJ mix and a stream-of-consciousness mixtape that pulls together challenging new music and hidden gems from the past.


2019 – No One Was Tall – Live at Café OTO [self-release]
2019 – Life behind Glass [Genot Centre]


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