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Getting a start playing in bands in high-school, a common fixation with trip-hop and Nine Inch Nails would eventually lead to every band member retreating into their Reason-loaded laptops.

First becoming a full-time producer some years after that with the White Visitation moniker, the project would lead Nico to his first official release on an early Opal Tapes, self-releases on tape that were sold by RVNG Intl and, later, EPs for L.I.E.S. and Blank Slate. Live appearances included Mutek in Mexico and in Montréal, as well as an ambient appearance in the Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum. Most importantly, this period also meant becoming a regular in the Mexico City DJ circuit.

Shortly after dropping the alias for his given name, he started a DJ residency in Yuyu in Mexico City, from which the idea for Akita Club emerged. Initially conceived as a club night that would spur a label, that order has been reversed by the current state of the world. This also led, in turn, to a more meditative tone for the first Akita Club release, in keeping with the rave deficit we are all living through.

More recent Nico releases for Timedance and Mother’s Finest embrace a sound that is more broken rhythmically, but more focused sonically. In recent tracks, percussion has moved to the forefront along with old idiosyncrasies, successfully sidestepping the risk of becoming DJ tools. His forthcoming release schedule with and without Akita Club mean a promising 2021 for Nico.


forthcoming Mother’s Finest EP
2021 – Slackness Vol.1
2021 – The Driving Rain [Midnight Shift]
2020 – Six Rooms [Akita Club]
2020 – Sharpen, Moving (V/A) [Timedance]
2020 – Common Drum [Mother’s Finest]
2018 – Patina Echoes (V/A) [Timedance]


Anthony Parasole, Hodge, Santiago Salazar, Shackleton, Lee Gamble, M.E.S.H., Conforce, Ivan Smagghe, Chris Mitchell, Shifted, Marcos Cabral, Franklin Decosta, Pearson Sound, Peverelist, Batu, Courtesy, Cera Khin, Darwin, Ron Morelli, Bambounou


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