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Only Now is the vision of Kush Arora, based in Berkeley, CA. His sound is an unremitting emission of razor cut rhythms, primitive channelings, and ritualistic electronics. There is wild abandon in his approach; from seething tribalism to cold fronts of ambience that highlight Arora’s ability to juggle disparate sonics. His galvanizing of traditional percussion, physical modeling synthesis, and industrial field recordings is present across his propulsive live shows and constant output. Active in the Bay Area since the late 90’s, Kush produces in scenes ranging from noise to global club sounds and dancehall.

Only Now has released with Bokeh Versions (UK),Infinite Machine (Mexico), Discrepant (Lisbon), and Polaar (FR) recordings. Performances include MUTEK, and playing alongside artists like Equinoxx, Kode 9, DJ Lag. He just released an Indian “Unclassical” pushing the boundaries of power electronics and Indian Classical music. Last year he released a doom/ambient project titled “Anamnesis” with guitarist Peter Arensdorf from King Woman. On the horizon are upcoming tracks for Hakuna Kulala (Nyege Nyege Tapes sub label, Uganda), collabs with Brodinski, Sunken Cages and much more.

Arora’s work has been featured on The BBC, The Wire, Quietus, Guardian, Fact, Resident Advisor, and Bandcamp.


2021 – Indian Unclassical vol. 1
2021 – Anamnesis w/ Beneath The Ruins
2020 – Avuls w/ Orogen [Discrepant]
2020 – Black Wind / Merciless Destiny
2020 – Captivity [Discrepant]
2019 – Blind Time
2019 – Ultimatum
2019 – Eternal Binding
2017 – Timeslave [Infinite Machine]
2017 – Elements [Polar Sounds]
2016 – Hollow
2016 – s/t

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