Represented in North + South America & APAC
Photo: Jamie MacGregor

Jeremy Howard, aka Sinistarr, is truly one of the most interesting and exciting names to hit the underground dance music world this past decade. He has become known as an innovative and consistent producer and a skilled and adventurous DJ, and his sound isan authentic extension of his soul and the pure talent that Jeremy possesses, deftly exploring the soul of yesteryear with a modern context. This sound represents his life living in and around his hometown of Detroit, MI and his collective travels around the world. His creativity defies genres, and sees him infuse his unique sound into a broad range of tempos and vibes. He is equally at home writing emotive headphone music, or in-your-face dance-floor cuts.

Jeremy began his movement deeply rooted in the world of Drum & Bass, having releases on legendary labels like Metalheadz Platinum, Renegade Hardware and Creative Source. He continued over the years to evolve his sound as his own prowess as a producer grew, eventually branching out into many different tempos, still maintaining his unique sound exploring the realms of Footwork, Jungle and Techno. Recently he has seen releases on labels like Tectonic, Hospital, Loose Squares and most notably, the 70th release on dBridge’s iconic imprint Exit Records.

He has shared the stage with and been supported musically by some of the biggest names in the game like Machinedrum, Fabio, Ivy Lab, Om Unit, Sam Binga, Rockwell & Dabrye to name but a handful. His sounds have been heard all over Rinse FM, NTS, FM Xtra and BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and he turned in a DNB60 mix for Friction’s quintessential Drum & Bass show.

Sinistarr has been increasingly touring and hitting major clubs and festivals like SXSW (Texas), Secret Solstice (Iceland), Tresor (Berlin), Oil Club (China), Bass Coast (Canada), and many more around the world.

There is seemingly no obstacle too high for him, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to watch his amazing journey.


Everything On Time EP – Defrostatica
Ride / Mother F – Greazus, Golden Hour LP
U4RACR33P3R w/ Greazus, Continuum V/A – NCTLX
Asante – Odo Beku Me (Sinistarr Remix) – Video7 Music
Senonix – HLX-1 (Sinsitarr Remix), Label Sampler v. 4 – Guangzhou Underground
Lost Angles EP (2012 Re-Release) – Shoot Recordings

Mother F w/ Greazus, Aufect Presents: X. LP – Aufect
WIlliamPaul – Shine On (Sinistarr Remix) – Expressway Records
Red Stripe w/ Doctor Jeep – Plush Recording
The Corpus – Cult X (Sinistarr Remix) – none60
Jake Robertz – Set Me Free (Sinistarr Remix) – Future Roots
Void/Corruption – Unchained Recordings
Declination / Ascension w/ Kabuki – Beat Excursions
Contakt – NDO (Sinistarr Remix) – Styles Upon Styles

Yo Speakerz feat. Detroit’s Filthiest – Defrostatica
Bonchon Flex / The Other Tune – Free Love Digi
Champagne Emoji w/ Greazus – Vandal Limited
Delta – Kundalini Serpent (Sinistarr Remix) – Mircodot
Mat The Alien – Bobo (Sinistarr Remix)
KOROStyle – Aerokin (Sinistarr Remix) – Section 8 Recs
Jumanji w/ Homesick and Greazus – Seclusiasis

Pleasure Corporation – Crystallation (Sinistarr Remix) – Meow Wolf/Mesa Recordings 12”
Unfair/Coalesce/A Lil Darby – Prestige Music
Homesick – VIP Rave (Sinistarr Ravegod Remix) – Modern Ruin
Skankface w/ Sinistarr – Diffrent Recordings
Bone Deep w/ Greazus – Future Sound of America – Hospital Records 12”
4Evr+ — Bandcamp
Pecking Order – 130 – Seclusiasis
HAANA – The Finding (Sinistarr Remix) – Paper Gold Records
Naine Rouge EP – EXIT Records

H3xx – Future Beats V/A LP – 31 Records 12”
Ghast – Insatiable (Sinistarr Remix) – Free Love Digi
Sin & Guilt w/ Guilty Simpson – SUB:LVL Audio
Sinistarr + Grimm – Goddess / Don’t Slow Down – Widad Records
Regal – Liquorish Dubz
2nd Sun – Coming Home (Sinistarr Remix) – Youngbloods
BSN Posse – Light Warrior (Sinistarr Remix) – Slime Records
Erica Dee – Smile (Sinistarr & Greazus remix) – 12 Days of Bass Coast
Struggle 2 w/ Quentin Hiatus – Versus LP – Free Love Digi

Nubienne/Your Obsession – Driven AM Recordings
Silent Dust – Love Sundered [Sinistarr Remix]/The Chant w/ Silent Dust — none60
Aphonic – The Further We Go [Sinistarr Remix] – SubLife Recordings
Druthers & Drips – Hit Em [Sinistarr Remix] – Loose Squares
Press — The Murderer [Sinistarr Remix] – Sublvl Audio
YSL w/ Oktored – Escape From Chicago Vol. 2 — Loose Squares
XIII EP – Architecture Recordings
Press — The Murderer [Sinistarr Remix] – Sublvl Audio
Random Movement – Dancing Feat [Sinistarr Remix] – Rubik Records 12”
Machinegirl – Ghost (Sinistarr Remix) – Dred Collective
Valhalla 90210 – Dred Collective
Jason Burns feat. Reva DeVito – Lightning (Sinistarr Remix) – Free

Rubenesque w/ Calculon – Living the Dream Vol. 4 – Rubik Digital
Gridlok – The American Dream [Sinistarr Remix] – Project 51
VIP Remixes [Various Artists] – Loose Squares
Decibell w/ Texel – Tectonic Plates Volume 4 – Tectonic 12”/CD
I Am Not Invincible/Gaiden – none60
Cucaracha w/ Calculon & Austin Speed – The Nineties [V/A comp] — Hot Mom USA
Makoto feat. Paul Randolph – You’ve Got Sumptin (Sinistarr Remix) – Human Elements CD
Spaced Out w/ Grimm – Driven Family Volume 1 LP – Driven Am Recordings
Oceanographer – Daydreams of Crow’s Nests [Sinistarr Remix] – Detroit Underground
GirlTalk – Friendly Integrations V2 – Detroit Underground
Heavy1 – Fear The Satellites (Sinistarr Remix) – Rubik Records

Atlantic Connection – Watermelon [Sinistarr’s Synthetic Fruit Mix] – Atlantic Connection Music
Remorse [Sinistarr Remix] – Abducted Records
SICKorWELL – My name is old school (Sinistarr Remix) – Re. [Various Artists] – Free Love Digi
Lost Angles EP – Loose Squares
Pawn & Calculon feat. Christina Tamayo – Predatory [Sinistarr Remix] – SMOG
Bloodfight W/ Calculon – Feel EP – Loose Squares
Drama Dub – Alphacut 12”
Skylab – All Day [V/A Comp] — BrapDem! Recordings
Anything w/ Grimm – Total Science presents Tuned In Volume 2 [V/A comp] – C.I.A. Records CD
Justice – Aquisse (Sinistarr Remix) – Mjazz

Mainstay/Solar 9 w. Redeyes – Metalheadz Platinum 12”
Scripted – Inperspective Records 12”
Should I (Heavy1 Remix) – Rubik Records
Ascii/Fallbrook – Prestige Music 12”
Drama Dub – Alphacut 12”
Cetra EP – Hit & Hope Records 12”
Jesse Somfay – Soak Scalene (Sinistarr Celestial Remix) – Detroit Underground / Eboy
Crackatoa EP – SubLife Recordings
John Arnold – Jumpstart (Sinistarr Remix) – Exchange Bureau Music
Secret Society, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Outrage – Let Us Think (Sinistarr Remix) – New World Ordio CD
Aquamech – Genres Be Damned Audio
Toe To Toe w/ Agzilla – Qilin Four Corners EP 2 — Qilin Music
Golgo 13 – The Modernists Volume 2 LP – Mjazz CD
Dead Idolz w/ Grimm – Ink & Loxy Present: Horsementality LP – Renegade Hardware 12”
Shudder — Ink & Loxy Present: Horsementality LP – Renegade Hardware CD

Anorak (Lynx Remix) – Nu Directions 12”
Super Drums/Triple Beam – Inside Records 12”
Should I w/ Jaybee — Rubik Digital
Mixmaster Doc – The Makyo EP – Peer Pressure Recordings
The Blip/I’m Not Done – Phunkfiction Recordings

Lynx Is Playing At My House – Horizons Music 12”
My Thoughts Exactly/Park Avenue – Inside [Horizons] 12”
Detroit Diesel/Anti-Personnel w/ Mixmaster Doc – Creative Source 12”
Load Screen EP – Driven AM Recordings
Perilelle – Damages Remix – Exchange Bureau
734/Anorak – ND.Ten – A Decade of Nu Directions – Nu Directions CD
Native – Qilin Four Corners EP – Qilin Music
Pax Romana — The Modernists Volume 1 LP — MJazz
Recovery – Future Without Past LP – Deep Soul Music
Oak Finish w/ Stray – Deep Soul Music x Lacoste
Black Diamonds w/ Kiat – Sick Music 2 LP – Hospital Records
Corporate – Buried Treasure Vol. 2 – Offshore Recordings CD

Something’s Working EP – Digital Blus
Leeroy Jenkins/Nixed – Influence Records 12”
Uptown/Blue Thumb – Peer Pressure Recordings
Pole Position EP – Sonorous Music

Shareware/500 Shades – Juction 11
Scare Do/How We Do – Peer Pressure Recordings


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